What lights my fire is helping people get fierce for their lives, live by the rules of their own pleasure, and become leaders for themselves and the people and causes they love. I help people who desire to help the world through how they lead their lives.

I have dedicated the last 15 years of my life to teaching, learning, counseling, and coaching people to live with an open heart and achieve their dreams.

I have a Masterís Degree from Naropa University, the only accredited Buddhist university in the United States. I also have extensive training in:

-Creative Coaching
-Play Therapies
-Mindfulness Methods
-Couples Coaching
-Body-Centered Counseling
-Spiritual Counseling
-& a life-long pursuit of how to Live & Love Big

I believe in growth, I don't believe in fixing people. We are spiritual beings, we donít need fixing. We all have access to greatness, abundance, and the wisdom of the universe. The answers to our questions and purpose are available to us all, you just need to access them.

I live in Seattle Washington where, every day, I sing, dance, love, play and express my light. This kind of joy is what I know is possible for you.
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I Live According to the Rules of Pleasure.
In addition to ensuring the coach you choose to work with has the training& experience to get you where you want to be, ask yourself if this person can hear your soul sing, stand in the glory of your perfection, and help you rise to meet yourself. I want to do this for you.
Who You Are Changes the World.
Stay Inspired.

Relationship Coach.

Business Mentor.

Retreat Creator.

Bold Spirit.

Gentle Trailblazer.